The Unending Marathon Returns

  • The party leave the Neverlight Grove with some of the sane shrooms in tow.
    • Stool stays behind.
  • The travel starts simply, but with a collapsing ceiling and goblin attacks, the party are slowed down.
  • In the morning, after resting at an old neverlight grove outpost, the party see the Drow Forward Guard. They caught up!!
    • The party fights, and then flees, just in time to avoid a small drow army advancing toward them with malice.
  • The party march for nearly a solid day, collapsing tunnels and setting baddies after their pursuers.
  • With an impossible stroke of luck, the party encounter Skriss, the final member of the Society of Brilliance. He summons Grazzilax to help slow down the drow.
  • The party continue along, collapsing more tunnels, as they become trapped suddenly in a new place
  • They attack ooze after ooze, until they come across a strange sentient Ooze, Glabbagool.
  • Using its help, the party delve deeper into the dungeon.
  • Reaver falls into a pit with a black pudding, and dies. The party struggle to finish the ooze.
  • Mei, revealing herself as a fiend, makes a verbal deal with Meepo, and revives REaver, now cold as ice. Mei then leaves.


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