A Euphoric Engagement

The party left the fungal outpost and entered into the Neverlight Grove.

  • Here the party met Phylo and Basilda, sovereigns of the area.
    • Phylo seemed a bit crazy, so Basilda led them off
    • They met other odd myconoids, like Gasbide and Rasharoo
  • Basilda asked the party to investigate the top of the largest shelf in the area, the Garden of Welcome
  • Meepo and friends investigated, and found bodies being experimented and tortured.
  • The party rested, and went to fight Yestabrod, the mutated soverign.
  • The party avoided the Yggmorgus tree in the cavern near the Garden of Welcome.
  • Basilda provided items on their return, and asked for a few monsters to be dealt with.
    • The party, although very wounded, succeeded.
  • The party rested.


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