Demon Queen of Fungi


Lady of Rot and Decay, Zuggtmoy is an alien creature whose only desire is to infect the living with spores, transforming them into her mindless servants and, eventually, into decomposing hosts for the mushrooms, molds, and other fungi that she spawns.

Utterly inhuman, she can mold her fungoid form into an approximation of a humanoid shape, including the skeletal-thin figure depicted in grimoires and ancient art, draped and veiled in mycelium and lichen. Indeed, much of her appearance and manner, and that of her servants’, is a soulless mockery of mortal life and its many facets.

She rules over Shedaklah the top half of Layer 222 of the Abyss which she shares with Juiblex.

Zuggtmoy is purely interested in power and obtaining it and so focuses a lot on the material plane and gaining worshipers. However she knows her Fungi are not the most appealing thing for gathering worshipers. As a result she uses false symbols and cover cults to gain worshipers, her most famous grouping of followers being the Temple of Elemental Evil.

She hates Lolth and Juiblex, but other then that their is not much more to say about her.



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