Demon Lord of Gnolls


Yeenoghu is the Lord of Gnolls and also known by the title the Beast of Butchery. He is the creator of Gnolls and ruler of Layer 422 of the Abyss known as Death Dells a place were all things must hunt and consume the flesh and blood of others to survive.

Yeenoghu is simple in his desires he wants to hunt, kill and slaughter all he can while his followers fight over the scraps. He wants his followers and creations the Gnolls to be the same. His ideal future is a place were all but the gnolls have died while he watches and waits as they fight and kill over the small remaining amounts of food to offer it to him.

Yeenoghu despises Baphomet and has his gnolls attack Baphomet’s minotaurs when ever possible. Like Baphomet, he too has forgotten the reason for their hatred.

Overall a savage creature who has a large focus on his followers.



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