Demon Lord of Savagery


Baphomet is the Horned King, and the creator of Minotaurs. He rules Layer 600 of the Abyss, The Endless Maze.

Baphomet is the patron of savagery, despising civilization and culture and so encourages his followers to embrace brutal animal savagery and beast-hood. Despite brutal nature and beliefs, the Prince of Beasts has an intelligent mind, that searches for a way to perfect savagery and brutality in creatures. When he is not out rampaging and destorying, he spends his time in his Tower of Science creating new forms of savage beasts and monstrous Demons. His two most famous Demonic creations being the Bulezau, lanky demons that resemble men with the head of a Ram. Notorious for their tempers and the fact that unless they have a strong leader to control them they will kill each other in a rage, and the Goristro, Demons that resemble massive Demonic versions of his previous creations the Minotaurs. Notorious for being living siege engines and powerful beasts of burden, but not being the brightest bulbs in the tree. Many Demon lords keep them as pets.

The other trait Baphomet is known for is his hatred of Yeenoghu the Demon Prince of Gnolls. A trait that has been passed down to their creations the Gnolls and Minotaurs. Despite a good deal of his time being devoted to his war with Yeenoghu, Baphomet has long forgotten what started their feud in the first place.

Overall a brutal monster that hides a great mind behind his monstrous exterior.



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