Into the Whorlstone Tunnels

And tipping the scales to critical

DM quick recap (big points only):

  • Meepo cured Jimjar’s Gracklelung
  • Turvy chatted with Savattarius
  • Party (Savattarius and Meepo) watch the gates for signs of drow (they find signs of drow)
  • Party (Peren) encounters seemingly random, very helpful, very capable dwarven agents of Themberchaud
  • Party plunges into the Whorlstone tunnels in search for Grey Ghosties
    • Fight swarms of insects, a mimic, see Droki blitz by twice
    • Party finds, and is betrayed by Buppido. He dies violently
      • Party find ghosty by name of Pelek. “Find my hand, return it to Blingdenstone!” Party agrees.
        • Party forgets hand.
    • Party finds crazy, foul mouthed derro savant (council of savant?). She and a creepy beholder kin fight by an eerie obsidian monolith. Also, the dragon egg.
      • Party knocks out derro and kills beholderkin. They loot a journal, a book, a coin, and the egg.
        • Journal lists where surface gold is coming from. Book is in draconic and abyssal. Is very spoopy.
    • Party leaves many, many, many paths un-searched.
  • Party returns to city with duegar helpers. They have confrontations with the guards, but struggle their way to themberchaud.
  • Party is asked to turn over book and egg to Flamekeepers. Themberchaud calls for a conference. The Flamekeepers leave the area completely.
  • Duegar agents explain to Themberchaud the events, and that he is soon on the chopping block.
  • Duegar agents start a ritual, as an army assembles just beyond the wall of force Themberchaud created moments earlier.
  • Ritual crescendos. Themberchaud dies.
  • tense moment
  • Themberchaud is now an undead dracolich
  • Themberchaud: “THIS CITY IS NOW MINE
  • Dwarven army outside cave runs in fear.
  • Session end


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