From the Smog

The adventure picks up in Gracklestugh, as the adventures decide their next steps.

Place your own things down below ill bs using these recaps as a way for me I to gauge what you find fun/interesting/important, and itll help me tailor the game even more to you you each can/should add material here there a is also a DM/you only section that you should be able to add too if you had sneaky things

After resting for the night, the group were an their way to speak to Werz for the job he had offered the day before, only to run into a rioting mob. After splitting up, to make way for the passing crowd, stragglers broke away and attacked the group. Quickly disposing of them, the group tried yet again to leave, but thumps form a giant interrupted them once again. Breaking through the city gate, a two headed stone giant began wreaking havok to the city and it’s guards. Presumably, the maddened head taking over the body of the fearful head. Attempting to flee, the group were stopped by the city guards who ordered them to stay. Seeing no other choice, the group slayed the giant, ending it’s rampage.

Upon it’s death, another giant, Dorhun who was following and unaffiliated with madness, mournfully collected his friends body and requested the group come with him to speak with his clan. Agreeing, they made their way to the cave of Clan Cairgnorm and were greeted by Stonespeaker Hgraam who has “Seen a group of adventurers” not unlike the ones before him. Offering what information they could about how the returning demon lords and how they could have something to do with their friend, Rihuund, turning into what he was. With their blessing and a crystal of unknown properties, the group continue on.

Once again, on their way to speak with Werz, they were intercepted by a Flamespeaker Garroktar who requested that they follow him for a job opportunity. Reluctantly, the party agreed and they hurried off to avoid meeting “Their Charge”. After arriving to their destination, they were presented with food and drink as Garroktar told them of a recent theft of a few valuable items, one of which is a large ruby like gem, that were taken by the Grey Ghosts, a gang of Derro thieves. As they were about to set off. “Their Charge” had arrived early. Aware the foreigners presence, He called for their audience. The group were then lead to the charge, a large, overweight red dragon by the name of Themberchaud who asked him to give any and all information to him before his flamespeakers to rule out incompetence.

(Add more peeps)

New Characters:
- Rihuund (mutated Stone Giant_
- Dorhun (Stone Giant Guide)
- Stonespeaker Hgraam (leader of Clan Cairgnorm)
- Flamespeaker Garroktar
- Themberchaud, Wyrmsmith
- Droki, derro runner
- Blurg, Member of the Society of Brilliance


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