The End

The adventurers, leaving the Temple of Ooze, finally arrive in Blingdenstone’s outskirts.

Here, after a brief chat and realization from Jimjar, it is revealed that they are all here due to his influence.

Jimjar, after that cryptic reference, offers each adventurer in turn thier choice of where they would like to be. And each in turn vanish as Jimjar waves his hand.

Peren and Titan vanish to the metropolis of Gladstrom, far to the east of Fae-run, and together learn more about the Warforged, and how to return to Ebberon.

Reaver returns to his city, and begins a lifelong war against the Blackhands and the Syndicate. Before needing to retire due to counterattacks from the Arcanum, he comes across a single name – the leader of the Blackhand organization.

Savatarius leaves to Durnatel, and devotes his life to rediscover ways to retrieve his hat, looking for anyone or anything that might be able to do just that…

As the rest of the party is vanished, only Meepo stands before Jimjar. Smiling, and having ignored the kobold until now, Jimjar tosses Meepo another of his godlen and platnium glittering coins.

As Meepo looks up, standing before him is not Jimjar, but another gnome. Bronze skin and golden green eyes, with cloth finery laden on his body, the avatar of Garl Glittergold stands before the party kobold, and worshiper of Kurtulmak.

“I would not have bet that a kobold would ever be so kind to one such as me,” bubbles Garl, as he promises that the servant to the five-headed one has probably served enough time in the world below.

Meepo, now standing before his God, releases him. Kurtulmak, free at last, looks down on his archpriest and grants him freedom from the contract forced upon him. Pulling the fiend Mei from the depths of the Nine Hells by the dark strand of the contract binding her to Meepo, Kurulmak effortlessly breaks the dark thread, and melts the fiend’s wings from her body.

Meepo, as free as his God, returns to the surface in the same white grove with the same obsidian rock he first saw when seeing the sun, but this time his God’s strength burns within him, and his confidence is not to be underestimated.

The rest of the party, over the course of theri lives, find themselves drawn back to the world below. Never encountering signs of the Demon Lords, nor any trouble, they make their way irrestably to a sacred sight. Guarded by Stone Giants and basilisks, they enter Gravenhollow, a vast and powerfully magical library. Here, echoes of the past and future walk these halls – great heroes of old, and sinsister threats yet to come, and also old friends. Though they do not know you, the Society of Brilliance accepts your friendship eagerly, trying to glean what they can of the future, but to no avail.

You each spend your fill within the vast library before leaving back to the surface, content with the knowledge you gained.

And that spells the end of this campaign. Although it did not run quite as we had hoped, it nevertheless was a fun ride. All hail the dracolich Themberchaud.


tyler_danner4 tyler_danner4

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