Underkingdom Durnatel is a private, 5e DnD game ran currently by DM Tyler Danner for friends and family. This is the second campaign to date!

The setting is within a spliced world of homebrew and the Underdark of Fae-Run, this high fantasy, high magic campaign follows 5 adventurers as they find themselves dropped in the middle of the vast and labyrinthine Underdark, with no map, no guides, and seemingly little hope of seeing the surface again. These adventurers from wildly different races and backgrounds, are posed with one simple task – escape, and do what good (or evil) they can while doing it. Will they take the charge against the evil that saturates these lowest layers of the world, or will they become it themselves?

Intrigue, role playing, stealth and espionage, a fair amount of combat, and exploration of story and building a world together are all the main goals, with players mainly driving the story. Though that's not to say the cast of NPCs won't have their suggestions to make!

The game will return on March 4th, 2017!


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