Flora and Fauna of the Underdark


  • Barrelstalk – a large, cask-shaped fungus. Contain gallons of water, and is itself edible.
  • Fire Lichen – A translucent, pale-orange snot-like lichen that thrive in warm areas. It is very spicy.
  • Waterorb – a bulbous fungus that is the sham-wow of the Underdark. It grows in very moist areas, and can triple the storage of water. It itself hold a gallon of water in 1/3 the space.
  • Zurkhwood – A tall, massive mushroom that reaches thirty to forty feet tall. Zurkhwood seems to be uses as the Underdark equivalent to trees.
  • Nilhogg’s Nose – a small mushroom that looks like a button nose. It provides enhanced ability to smell for a period of time.
  • Timmask – "the devil’s mushroom’, is a two-foot-tall toadstool with orange and red strides across its beige cap. Messing with it would release deadly spores into the air.
  • “Tongue Fungi” – not the proper name, but a strange fungi that looks and feels like a wriggling tongue. It appears to have some faint poison/disease quality, but has not been properly identified yet.
  • Torchstalk – a 1-2 foot tall mushroom resembling a cattail with a combustible top. Able to burn for 24 hours with a 30’ spread of light.


  • Demon Lords
  • Fire Beetles – Valuable shells, 4-5 day lighting via the thorax, free food for about 2 people.

Flora and Fauna of the Underdark

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