Into the Whorlstone Tunnels
And tipping the scales to critical

DM quick recap (big points only):

  • Meepo cured Jimjar’s Gracklelung
  • Turvy chatted with Savattarius
  • Party (Savattarius and Meepo) watch the gates for signs of drow (they find signs of drow)
  • Party (Peren) encounters seemingly random, very helpful, very capable dwarven agents of Themberchaud
  • Party plunges into the Whorlstone tunnels in search for Grey Ghosties
    • Fight swarms of insects, a mimic, see Droki blitz by twice
    • Party finds, and is betrayed by Buppido. He dies violently
      • Party find ghosty by name of Pelek. “Find my hand, return it to Blingdenstone!” Party agrees.
        • Party forgets hand.
    • Party finds crazy, foul mouthed derro savant (council of savant?). She and a creepy beholder kin fight by an eerie obsidian monolith. Also, the dragon egg.
      • Party knocks out derro and kills beholderkin. They loot a journal, a book, a coin, and the egg.
        • Journal lists where surface gold is coming from. Book is in draconic and abyssal. Is very spoopy.
    • Party leaves many, many, many paths un-searched.
  • Party returns to city with duegar helpers. They have confrontations with the guards, but struggle their way to themberchaud.
  • Party is asked to turn over book and egg to Flamekeepers. Themberchaud calls for a conference. The Flamekeepers leave the area completely.
  • Duegar agents explain to Themberchaud the events, and that he is soon on the chopping block.
  • Duegar agents start a ritual, as an army assembles just beyond the wall of force Themberchaud created moments earlier.
  • Ritual crescendos. Themberchaud dies.
  • tense moment
  • Themberchaud is now an undead dracolich
  • Themberchaud: “THIS CITY IS NOW MINE
  • Dwarven army outside cave runs in fear.
  • Session end
From the Smog

The adventure picks up in Gracklestugh, as the adventures decide their next steps.

Place your own things down below ill bs using these recaps as a way for me I to gauge what you find fun/interesting/important, and itll help me tailor the game even more to you you each can/should add material here there a is also a DM/you only section that you should be able to add too if you had sneaky things

After resting for the night, the group were an their way to speak to Werz for the job he had offered the day before, only to run into a rioting mob. After splitting up, to make way for the passing crowd, stragglers broke away and attacked the group. Quickly disposing of them, the group tried yet again to leave, but thumps form a giant interrupted them once again. Breaking through the city gate, a two headed stone giant began wreaking havok to the city and it’s guards. Presumably, the maddened head taking over the body of the fearful head. Attempting to flee, the group were stopped by the city guards who ordered them to stay. Seeing no other choice, the group slayed the giant, ending it’s rampage.

Upon it’s death, another giant, Dorhun who was following and unaffiliated with madness, mournfully collected his friends body and requested the group come with him to speak with his clan. Agreeing, they made their way to the cave of Clan Cairgnorm and were greeted by Stonespeaker Hgraam who has “Seen a group of adventurers” not unlike the ones before him. Offering what information they could about how the returning demon lords and how they could have something to do with their friend, Rihuund, turning into what he was. With their blessing and a crystal of unknown properties, the group continue on.

Once again, on their way to speak with Werz, they were intercepted by a Flamespeaker Garroktar who requested that they follow him for a job opportunity. Reluctantly, the party agreed and they hurried off to avoid meeting “Their Charge”. After arriving to their destination, they were presented with food and drink as Garroktar told them of a recent theft of a few valuable items, one of which is a large ruby like gem, that were taken by the Grey Ghosts, a gang of Derro thieves. As they were about to set off. “Their Charge” had arrived early. Aware the foreigners presence, He called for their audience. The group were then lead to the charge, a large, overweight red dragon by the name of Themberchaud who asked him to give any and all information to him before his flamespeakers to rule out incompetence.

(Add more peeps)

New Characters:
- Rihuund (mutated Stone Giant_
- Dorhun (Stone Giant Guide)
- Stonespeaker Hgraam (leader of Clan Cairgnorm)
- Flamespeaker Garroktar
- Themberchaud, Wyrmsmith
- Droki, derro runner
- Blurg, Member of the Society of Brilliance

Stumbling through the Dark
The Search for the Surface

Travel from just outside Sloopidop to Gracklestugh.

Big events:

Shuushar left, with the two dwarves.

Grazzilax helped the party, when Y showed up. Y was not as helpful. The crow seemed hindered by Grazzilax and Y though. They told them they would meet again, but not to expect them to remember.

The group ran on ahead with their leftover group, encountering gnolls (Yeenoghu!), oozes, intellect devourers, and mind flayers.

They eventually got to gracklstugh, where they were waylaid by guards.

Eventually a adorned guard appeared, a Stone Guard called Gorglak, who extorted the group for posessions, an act abhorrent typically to Duegar.

Buppido ran off.

The party acquiesced, taking the goods to Werz. But they were wailaid by Duegar Steelers, witnessing those who harmed the escaped spiders be executed on the spot.

They saw a guy almost be assassinated on the docks, but saved him. He was Werz. They followed Werz to the Shattered Spire, where he thanked them and gave them a gem apiece, and then told them tomorrow to meet for business.

The party stayed in the ghorlbrohns lair.

Rise of the Demon Lords
Escape, Survival, and Madness Galore

The Escape
One by one, the individual characters Meepo, Peren, Savattarius, and Reaver rouse themselves from the effects of drow poison, recognizing that now possessionless and bound, they have become prisoners. Surrounded by the most odd assortment of people, they live day by day in exhaustion, doing menial labor for the Drow captors, and slowly more people join them.

Among this motley crew is Derendil, Buppido, Topsy and Turvy, Eldeth, Sarith, JimJar, Stool, Shuushar, and Ront.

The kobold Meepo attempts to filch items from the prisoners, awaking the enraged Derendil, and falling unconsious to his claws. Later that day, the sadistic Drow Priestess Mistress Ilvara comes by, and has Derendil knockes unconsious, carved into pieces before the eyes of the prisoners, and then has the prisoners feed them to the spiders kept by the drow. This truely evil act is later underscored by the sudden removal of Turvy from the group as well, torn from his twin sister, yet to be seen again.

One drow guard, seemingly displaced by a new guard, eventually comes to offer the prisoners a means of escape. He will create a distraction, and open the doors. The prisoners should then jump into a pool of water far below the cavernous recesses of Velkynvelve.

On the night before the day of escape, a loud buzzing sound courses through the caverns of Velkynvelve, as an alert is sounded and the drow and quaggoth guards attempt to deal with the incursion. Taking this time to help the party, Jorlan unlocks the cages, and steps aside.

Most the prisoners stay back, as Ront breaks the bonds for each prisoner, as Eldeth and Jimjar follow the group to the barracks to get provisions, and some basic gear. Dispatching a drow guard, and scaring away a single quaggoth, the party succeed in retrieving a small among of goods, and return to their waiting prisoner friends. They then jump into the depths below, as the drow seem to be going mad attacking these flying demons that just arrived. A shriek of "Nooo!" can be heard above, as Mistress Ilvara shrieks a mad vow of revenge upon the escape prisoners.

The party land in a pool of 20 foot water, seemingly safe. However, they quickly realized the gray goo that broke their fall also was out to eat them, as the party suffered grievous wounds as they escaped, running for their lives to the western most tunnels.


With little food, and almost no water stores, let along minimal weapons and armor, the large group set out. Barely keeping ahead of the drow pursuers, the party encounters a lumbering metal giant, which identifies itself as Titan who joins the party without too much issue. With the aid of Stool, the party is enjoined in a mental rapport with one another, with Titan being added through the will of Peren.

The party encountered a number of different terrain and monsters. Beyond a simple mud pit, and a variety of fungi (most edible and also containing water), they party manage to make their travels work. They encounter a rock wall early on, hidden on the wall a rock-topus. While the party began to descend via repelling on the wall, the monster attacked, binding Stool and Meepo immediately, rendering Stool unconscious immediately. A fight ensued, leaving the party drained of a majority of resources, yet with cooked kalamari for food for the day, eeked out the upper hand from the situation.

The following days continue by, as the group encounters a field of yellow mold and about a dozen ruby fire beetles. Clearning a path by bowling stones across the feild of toxic spores, the group are able to pick off a few beetles. Taking five bodies with them, the kobold is able to extract the valuable ruby shells, and also the light producing thoraxes. A bit of food is proiduced from the beetles as well. That night, inside a cave of luminescent blue and clear quartz, the party spy a group of deep gnome traders, who they are interested in doing business with.

The party trade the ruby shells in exchange for one set of theieves tools, a bunch of bags, and water skins. The gnomes seemed intent on chatting, although the party declined. Jimjar seemed to have a rapport with the gnomes, signaling something to them. He also made a bet that they couldnt hold up the drow for more than a few hours, to which the other gnomes took him up on the bet.

The party rested, continued their path ahead, eventually coming upon a field of spores. The kobold used his knowledge of traps along with Reaver to set up traps for the drow. Peren experienced a strange memory of an entity floating through the area, being harassed by a powerful drow archmage.


The party happened across their target, Sloobludop. Shuushar, being eager, plowed ahead to a group of fast moving kuo-toa, which proceeded to net him, and shout out "Moogluporp Leemoogoogoon!" and attacked the party.

Although the fight was long, it was quickly won, and a short rest later brought a new set of kuo-toa approaching them. This time, it was a more friendly pack, consisting of archpriest Ploopploopeen, who explained the troubles of the kuo-toa town. Sloobludop had been for quite some time doing quite well, worshiping the Great Sea Mother Blibdoolpoolp, although Ploopploopeen's daughter Bloopblippodd had defected from her worship of the Sea Mother in favor of a new god, "Leemooggoogoon, the Deep Father". Her cult was growing, and had formed a rift ion the kuo-toa society. He explained he hoped to end her cult by providing the party to his daughter as a false tithe.

Leading the party, except the newly restored Sarith, into the town, he provided them a simple tour. The citizens acted very much like fish, shoaling together, and even sleepwalking. Those worshiping the Sea Mother were providing salvaged materials, as Meepo provides his own offerings.

The party is taken to the altar of the Deep Father, and the ritual begins. The kuo-toa begin encircling the altar, as the daughter Bloppblippodd calls for the sacrifices to begin. She turns her back to kill the duegar upon her altar, as the party fight a kuo-toa fanatic apiece. As the fight crescendos, the tumultuous water of the Darklake begins consuming the kuo-toa in the lake. The archpriest Ploopploopeen strikes against his daughter, killing her on the spot. 

Far off in the Darklake, a cascade of water erupts, as Demogorgon arises into this world.

The party, except for the now mad Stool and Jimjar, run for their lives, retreive thier things and Sarith, and continue south along the Darklake to Gracklstugh as the next goal. As they make their way, they witness the drow hunting party making a hasty retreat from Sloobludop, seemingly less than hours from recapturing their quarry, although harried by the appearance of Demon Lord.


Continuing through the underdark, the party find more types of lichen. They also encounter a drow trading party, a chasm that needs crossing (and a flying Shuushar), an ooze breeding ground, strange behemoths that shamble zombie-like at night, collapsed tunnels to harry the drow pursuers, and lastly a seemingly friendly mind flayer. Introducing himself as Grazilaxx and a member of the Society of Brilliance, he provides the party a shelter for the night in exchange for information about the demon lords.

A Dark Beginning
The start of the Underdark Campaign!

Reminder: March 4th at 7:00 – 7:30p.m. is the first planned date for the campaign! Try to be there, as the setting and some pre-game stuff will be worked out, and then we set the scene and introduce your characters! From there, the fun begins…


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