Demon Lord of Ooze


From Grazilaxx:

Called the Faceless Lord and the Oozing Hunger in ancient texts, Jubilex is demon lord of slime and ooze. A noxious creature that doesn’t care about the plots and schemes of others of its kind. It exists only to consume, digesting and transforming living matter into more of itself.

Juiblex is a slime like demon and possibly the progenitor of all Ooze creatures. He rules the Slime pits the underground half of Layer 222 of the Abyss which he shares with the Demon Zuggtmoy.

Juiblex is possibly the simplest demon, wanting nothing more then to exist and destroy all things he can find. He hates all things other then oozes, and most Demons hate the wretched Faceless lord in turn. However Juiblex is left alone as he is seen only as a threat to those that get in his path and other then occasionally surfacing with his oozes to attack Zuggtmoy’s territory he is content to stay put and wallow around in his caves.

While powerful Juiblex is one of the weakest Demon Lords and is mocked by other Demon Lords as being the Lord of Nothing. Juiblex does not care about what is said about him, just as he does not care enough to increase his standing in the material plane. He cares nothing for worshipers and of the few that do venerate him, he ether does not know of them or does not care about them, and so gives them nothing for their service.

Overall Juiblex is a disgusting wretched thing, that for a demon is shockingly unambitious.



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