Demon Lord of Madness


The Prince of Demons, the Sibilant Beast, Master of the Spiraling Depths, Demogorgon is the embodiment of chaos, madness, and destruction, seeking to corrupt all that is good and undermine order in the multiverse, to see everything dragged howling into the infinite depths of the Abyss.

Demogorgon is the most powerful Demon in the Abyss. He rules layer 88 of the Abyss known as the Gaping Maw.

All Demons know and fear Demogorgon, almost all of them wish to kill him and take his title, but most view this as wishful thinking. His power and title have allowed him to gain many allies among the Demon lords, though not nearly as many as those that hate him and wish to claim his title.

Demogorgon’s greatest point of interest is his dual nature. Both of his heads possess their own personality and goals, they are called Aameul (the left head) and Hethradiah (the right head). Aameul prefers to dominate, while Hethradiah prefers to destroy. Demogorgon’s best kept secret is that his heads seek to dominate or kill the other, but can’t as the two heads are aspects of one another. As a result many of Demogorgons plots are devoted to separating or uniting his heads.

Despite Demogorgon’s title and influence in the Abyss. He has a small following on the material plane and tends to only be worshiped by Troglodytes and monstrous creatures of the deep sea. Demogorgon does not appear to care enough to try and increase his worship.

Overall The most powerful demon only held back by the conflict of his dual minds.



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