Stumbling through the Dark

The Search for the Surface

Travel from just outside Sloopidop to Gracklestugh.

Big events:

Shuushar left, with the two dwarves.

Grazzilax helped the party, when Y showed up. Y was not as helpful. The crow seemed hindered by Grazzilax and Y though. They told them they would meet again, but not to expect them to remember.

The group ran on ahead with their leftover group, encountering gnolls (Yeenoghu!), oozes, intellect devourers, and mind flayers.

They eventually got to gracklstugh, where they were waylaid by guards.

Eventually a adorned guard appeared, a Stone Guard called Gorglak, who extorted the group for posessions, an act abhorrent typically to Duegar.

Buppido ran off.

The party acquiesced, taking the goods to Werz. But they were wailaid by Duegar Steelers, witnessing those who harmed the escaped spiders be executed on the spot.

They saw a guy almost be assassinated on the docks, but saved him. He was Werz. They followed Werz to the Shattered Spire, where he thanked them and gave them a gem apiece, and then told them tomorrow to meet for business.

The party stayed in the ghorlbrohns lair.


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