Retribution's Wake

The adventurers flee from the terror they helped release, as they tarry on to their next adventure…

  • Fought out of Themberchaud’s cave…
    • Themberdead making tons of little undead helpers
  • Fled to the Ghorlbrom’s Lair to collect peeps. Meepo helped some kobolds, but almost died doing it.
  • Collected peeps, shoved them into a bag
  • Ran through a west exit (the east were under attack by illithid)
    • Almost got trampled upon exit
  • Traveled as fast as possible
  • Notable events:
    • Added Mei, an elven spellcaster to the traveling troupe
    • Ambused by Orogs.
    • Met friendly slavers
    • Met expidition team with Gustaff and Elendale (they’re looking for a tomb)
    • Dealt with many obstacles( pits, farezness, spiderwebs, etc)
    • Made a deal with Jimjar’s old gambling buddies (Meepo won!)
    • Avoided a ‘spoopy’ ball of light in a zurkhwood forest. Went through the shadowy forest instead.
    • Dipped some weapons in a molten lake of blue gem
    • Met Sloopidoop, another of the Society of Brilliance
      • Warned party of meeting ‘Her’, and her wedding
  • Eventually landed in a fungus village
    • Defended village from demons
    • Remaining shrooms seem eager to press on to Neverlight Grove, to see the mistress’s Wedding
      • Stool says this is either Soverigns Basilda or Phylo, but probably Phylo.



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